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On your journey to live your dream of a new Exterior, Kitchen or Bathroom restoration, most people find that their dream turns quickly into a reality nightmare. We are here to help build your dream with 28 years as a General Contractor, hundreds of satisfied client referrals, hundreds of before and after pictures, so you can feel confident that we will serve you well and do you a good job.


“I'm not sure I can adequately describe how pleased we are with the work you did on our house. Of course, any house will look better with a fresh coat of paint, but removing the dated awnings and wood trim and adding the new architectural foam trim, to set off the second story and frame the windows -made all the difference. I'm so glad we took your advice on that.

The project moved along smoothly and we both enjoyed coming home from work to see how the look of the house had changed that day.

There is something about the Cool Wall that you applied to the house that makes it look, and even feel, more substantial. It's almost like being able to feel the thickness of the coating. And there was no little stucco particles that rub off when you run your hand over the walls.

We've had a lot of compliments from our neighbors about how good the house looks. Even our new letter carrier was impressed by the house, and he has really seen a lot to compare it to. Also, a couple of weeks ago, I had just parked and was in the driveway admiring the house when a man who was in the neighborhood on his way to a party, stopped and asked if the house was newly built. Not bad for a 45 - year old house.

Thank you and all of your workers who did such a wonderful job on our house.”

Seide Residents, Clairemont, CA

“Aside from having to deal with the red tape and work rules of renovating in San Diego; Rita and the Anderson design Team delivered everything they promised with our kitchen gut and redo. Even weeks after the project ended John would show up unexpected to check that all is OK. Same with Jim's calls to see if we were satisfied weeks after all work was finished. Their workers are meticulous and give a lot of attention to detail. We had a number of unforeseen problems that materialized, but they always figured out the proper solution, never cutting corners. It was either going to be right or they would redo or fix to our satisfaction. Our kitchen is brand spanking beautiful because of their fine work. Thanks to the Anderson folks for a job very well done.”

Jefferson Residents, Jamul, CA

 “I had a kitchen done 2 years ago and the nightmare that went with it. I so wanted my bathroom done after the kitchen but I was a little gun shy; so when shopping with my friend she mentioned that she just had her Bathroom remodel by Anderson Design and they did a great job. She gave me their number and so I called them up, and they set up a prompt appointment. It was also a nice touch that they called me the night before just to give me a polite reminder. The designer came over and measured the bath, and then we spent the next 2 hours picking out tile, cabinets, countertops and so on, there was no "I will send you an estimate." just to never get it. They did the budget with me line by line, and they gave me the price which was very fair- so I pulled the trigger. I was prepared for excuses, "can't do that," etc.. But I am pleased to say that Anderson Design came in and did each of their jobs that we talked about, with no problems, no excuses, and no change of times, dates, or jobs. Imagine my surprise when they came to me to say, "The job is completely done; how do you like it? It was everything I wanted, and more! I would recommend Anderson Design, to any one of my friends or really anyone I meet on the street. With this beautiful job, they gave me back some hope that there are still some good companies out there that are true to their word and take pride in their work.”

Mason Residents, Navajo, CA


CSLB # B1 - 991321

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